Hello, World!

I'm Alexander M. Lugibihl

Who I am

Passionate full-stack software engineer, with a diverse background spanning management, print services, security, corrections, and farming. I bring a unique blend of experiences to contribute to your team. My expertise lies in Full Stack Development with a primary focus in React and JavaScript.

My tech stack covers a variety of areas, namely SQL, HTML, CSS, Express.js, Node.js, AWS, Sequelize, Tailwind, MongoDB, SQLAlchemy, Flask. As a full-stack software developer, I've successfully utilized SQL variants, JavaScript, Python, Flask, and React in my projects. I'm continuously expanding my React skill set and growing as a developer.


My Skills

As a full-stack developer I have learned a variety of skills that allow me to get the job done in a variety of situations. Currently, some of my favorite are...

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL
  • React
  • Redux
  • SQLite3

These among other great skills like HTML5, CSS3, Flask, SQLAlchemy, AWS, Node.js, RESTful convention, AGILE, and more have given me a great foundation from which I have built several full-stack applications!

Some of my work

Several of the full-stack applications I have built so far are below. Links to each can be found in my resume.


Hello Home Cleaning Company

See the site for yourself here at the Live Site.

Bringing cleanliness to homes with a touch of digital efficiency, Hello Home Cleaning Company is a freelance project that showcases my expertise as a Full Stack Software Developer. Located in Perrysburg, Ohio, this initiative aimed to revolutionize the home cleaning experience by seamlessly connecting customers with the services they need.

My role as the lead developer involved crafting a dynamic and user-friendly platform. I took charge of the project's technical aspects, from designing robust backend systems, managing appointment routes, to implementing a responsive and intuitive frontend using Next.js. The utilization of MongoDB ensured a scalable and efficient database, while Tailwind CSS contributed to a visually appealing and modern design.

By serving as the main point of contact for the client, I not only understood their vision but also translated it into a fully functional web application. The result is a platform that streamlines the appointment process and provides users with an aesthetically pleasing interface, making Hello Home Cleaning Company a standout example of my capabilities as a Full Stack Software Developer.

The New Fork Dines

See the site for yourself here at the Live Site.

The New Fork Dines is a recipe sharing and review site built in the style of The New York Times. You can Create and edit recipes and ingredients you love as well as comment on other recipes that catch your eye. Built with a Flask/SQLAlchemy backend and a React/Redux frontend and styled with Bulma CSS Framework.

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